Saturday, May 12, 2001

A sonambulistic saturday, full of dreamy moments that were actually a part of reality. Yet another beautiful day, high 30's on the veranda, that gave way in the late afternoon to that relaxing haze covered sun that is pleasant to be under without being overbearingly hot.
Spring is quite definitely here! All the signs are quite clear. Pansies, Petunias and Geraniums were all placed into their respective window boxes and pots, after having been purchased in the local town, by my wife...whose delight it is each Spring to carry out this ritual. It's a ritual that harbours innumerable blessings throughout the rest of the spring, into the summer and through to late autumn. For all of this time, each year, we have a home festooned with continuingly blossoming flowers.
Not all was quite wonderful today, however. Whilst out for a little walk I came across the not-too-old corpse of a Squirrel. I am hoping that this is not my friendly little fellow from the Hazel tree.
Even in this Paradise there are reminders of the transient nature of this reality. All, all is in a state of change, a condition of re-creation: reforming, reconstituting. An endless pattern of molecular mysteries that assault the senses and calibrate new concepts,
diseminate old traditions, evolve new experiences...and never one the same as another. Even two people apparently watching the same things experience it differently.
Amazing, huh?
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