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oh, blow!

Swedish wind farms

Yep, it's true. Our latest 3 year contract with Vattenfall (done earlier this year) was over 10% lower price than the previous 3 year contract.

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Life saving pragmatism

med lifesaver

full article at TheLocal  HERE

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Rudolph the….reindeer

rednosed reindeer

you can read the full article here

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Swedes oppose Euro

It's always nice when you can find a majority of people agree with your

own views. As an Englishman who campaigned against Common Market membership

(you may recall we were taken in without being allowed to vote…only after 2 years of

being in could we vote if we wanted to stay in or exit) I am now totally in favour of the

Common Market (EU) but totally opposed to the Euro and all the strings that come with it.


One of the founding principles of the EU was the preservation of the cultures of

the member countries.Indeed, the Social Fund exists primarily for this purpose, to

support and preserve the cultural infrastructure of each participant nation. I find

the concept of the Euro – a single currency – to be contrary to this founding principle.

Add to that the strings attached to the Euro (taxation and budget matters) and I have

always been opposed to it.

swedes against Euro

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

very well deserved award



Ist prize in the Fyrbodals area for the

svenkst naringsliv

most enterprising businessman

Buddy, can you spare a dime…?

cashless Sweden

Yep, it's already quite difficult to operate with cash in Sweden, even in country areas. It all sounds very good, very safe.

However, there are a couple of aspects that really need to be emphasised before we go all plastic:

1. Banks have traditionally existed as 'secure places to put your money', a role they now reject based on an

argument of 'cost effectiveness' (a.k.a. profits).


2. Security' is now increasingly the responsibility of…the customer! 

Do your banking by PC, or mobile phone. Fantastic? Not so.

Ok, I can understand that the majority of 'criminals' would not really be interested in hacking my measly account, however,

stealing my mobile phone is not so difficult,huh?


3. The big winners are the banks and card companies, not the customers. So what exactly do banks do nowadays, huh?

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Snowy Dalsland


  Bengtsfors, Dalsland


this morning at daybreak





Åmal, Dalsland


Here comes the snow, di an du da, di an du da


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716 per 100,000 v 51 per 100,000

Many folks, especially in the USA, complain at the 'high tax socialist
'  country of Sweden  with it's universal health care and cradle to grave
safety nets. The emphasis being on 'knocking' the 'socialist' system and
 trying to extol the 'virtues' of the raw uncontrolled capitalist system that 
is supposed to be the 'American Dream'.

full story here   International Business Times

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The Beatles+50 years+Karlstad

50 years ago tomorrow the Beatles had their first concert outside of the UK. It was held in a town not so far from here - KARLSTAD.

Here they are on their first trip to Sweden

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

first real frost

is just visible on the top of the table

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Gothenburg magic

Halal Protest

The American Seer, Edgar Cayce (amongst others) said 'we are what we eat'. So at one town here in Sweden a movement has grown objecting to only Halal meat being served in school meals to their children. It would be easy to dismiss this a prejudice. 

However, there are very sound reasons on issues of hygiene, animal cruelty and human stress hormone ingestion to object to the Halal slaughter method.

I have many friends of many many different religions, so this is not,NOT, a prejudice
issue for me. It is a simply issue of modern, humane, hygienic and adequately controlled methods of slaughter being used 

Google it if you want the full horror story!

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