Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Swedes oppose Euro

It's always nice when you can find a majority of people agree with your

own views. As an Englishman who campaigned against Common Market membership

(you may recall we were taken in without being allowed to vote…only after 2 years of

being in could we vote if we wanted to stay in or exit) I am now totally in favour of the

Common Market (EU) but totally opposed to the Euro and all the strings that come with it.


One of the founding principles of the EU was the preservation of the cultures of

the member countries.Indeed, the Social Fund exists primarily for this purpose, to

support and preserve the cultural infrastructure of each participant nation. I find

the concept of the Euro – a single currency – to be contrary to this founding principle.

Add to that the strings attached to the Euro (taxation and budget matters) and I have

always been opposed to it.

swedes against Euro

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