Tuesday, July 19, 2016

30th Anniversary–Eketegen Cabaret

Every year for the last 30 years, Nils and Ingela Andree have held a cabaret evening in the meadows of their home, complete with stage, sound equipment, barbecues, etc. Their home is located near to Gustavsfors, a village set in the beautiful area of Dalsland.

This cabaret is for local artists or persons who have a direct connection to this area. This definition can range quite wide,e.g., two young girls visitng their Dutch grandparents holiday home in the area, came from the USA. There is not age bar here, children as young as 4 up to adults as young as…well, as long as they can walk. The evening has an international flavour as many in this area have holiday homes and come from Germany,Holland,France,England,Norway,, etc.

Here’s a little taste of the evening (if you click on the picture below to go to the video)

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