Friday, March 31, 2017

a facade of law`?


I love Sweden. It is an amazing place. It is always trying to improve things.

It is, therefore, with some childlike disappointment that I must face a truth about a legal

system that is either being abused or really needs some better oversight and investigation.


So many times I am hearing reports of how asylum seekers, some who would rather

take suicide than return to war torn lands where genocide has been the norm for years,

for whatever seemingly politically motivated reason lose their first court case to decide if they can stay.


I am not here debating the rights or wrongs of immigration policy, that is a

wholly different issue.I am debating the failure to maintain the standards of the law.


However, so often the asylum seeker is not even notified by their Mirgatiobnsverket employed lawyer

of the date – or even decision- of an appeal court case. They are denied the right to appear, denied

the opportunity to present additional information and it would appear that such information that is

presented excludes or circumvents changes in law and government policy within the last 8 months.


If you are going to throw people out, OK. But please do not do it in breach of their rights as specified

within the UN Charters, the EU rules, the actual law of Sweden. Please do not do it under a facade of legal

pretence. It diminishes Sweden.

Such a kangaroo court system is deserving of the Taleban – not Sweden


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