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transcendental – YouTube flypast

bjorken overview

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Net1 internet supplier for folks out in the forest,etc.

Yeah, I love the internet. What I don't love is all the problems I have had over the years getting anything like a modest and reliable connection

3.5 kms from me a fibre optic cable runs along the road.My telephone line, however, goes for 7 kms in the opposite direction! So I can't connect with superspeeds. The telephone company can,however, offer me….2 MBs. (that's two). I have even had satellite connections – which were expensive and pretty good – except uploading was via telephone on that 7 km line!!

About 4 years ago I looked into 'mobile broadband' and found that the 2 biggest suppliers couldn't reach my location – you know,there are lakes and trees and small hills…and only 12 people per square km.


Net1 (formerly Ice.net) have been supplying me for about 4 years. It was not a massive speed, but it was reliable and not so expensive.

Now, they have come with a new,faster modem/router called an R90 and I have just recorded speeds that are 10 times faster than I was getting 2 months ago! For some of you these speeds won't seem fast…in which case my advice to you is not to move to live in the beauty,peace and tranquility of the Dalslands lake and forest areas.

record net speed

Considering this signal is coming about 25 kms,over hills and forests, I think it is pretty good. I am a very very satisfied customer of Net1.


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