Friday, November 04, 2016

First winter snow arrived today in Dalsland

1st snow

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performing at Sensus Cafe, Centralbacken,Bengtsfors – Wednesday 2nd Nov

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Levanten–another excellent Middle East expose from 2 accomplished Swedish authors

Last night we journeyed to Åmål library where the authors of a new book about the Middle East were due to speak about the book.
These two authors have been journeying/studying/writing about the ME for over 17 years and have an intimate knowledge of the area.
Unfortunately one author, Stefan, didn’t quite make it as there were major train delays from Stockholm his point of departure.
Tomas, however, gave a most entertaining and knowledgable discourse about the area covered by this new exciting book.
I was totally astounded by the almost clinical objectivity of these 2 authors and of Tomas during his talk with us. To be able to observe and comment without colouring the comments with our own moralities/ethics/religions/politics is a considerable gift.
If you would like to understand the Middle East better without the questionable benefit of western nuance of interpretation, this is a book worth getting to know.
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