Thursday, November 08, 2018

Understanding outrage

I have been appalled by the discoveries I have made in the last 18 months concerning the politicised courts who disregard the Swedish Constitutional Rules for Court Procedures (1999)and the unregulated and uncontrolled activities of the Swedish Migration Agency who seem to be able to function with unqualified opinions,accusations and innuendo (with no evidence) - especially in respect of unaccompanied under 18 Afghan children.

Little wonder that some young people prefer suicide to being deported having endured the betrayal of their hopes by a nation that claims to be moral, ethical and following the 'rule of law'. Pretend justice is not justice !

The irregularities are such as to cause outrage, undiluted outrage that a nation such as Sweden, with it's long history of defending human rights and it's 'Open Hearts' attitude (Prime Minister Reinfeldt, 2014) and it's 'Refugees Welcome' (Prime Minister Lovfen, 2015) has descended to such debased methodologies as are currently employed. Such methodologies are an insult to the decent people of Sweden (the large majority) and an offence to any civilised western nation.

Despite decades of promising it would not practice REFOULEMENT (the forcible return of an asylum seeker to their land of origin, even though the asylum seeker has justifiable reasons to fear for life and limb upon return),Sweden is doing just that.Even with children under 14 years of age, orphans! This is especially outrageous when it is an under 18 -  someone who has spent 2 years being 'westernised' in Sweden and now they are past 18 and have served their economic purpose in Sweden (redirecting foreign aid money to boost the domestic economy) decisions are taken to return them to Afghanistan. With over 40% unemployment in Afghanistan and dire poverty in places like Kabul, what chance do you think such young people have of being accepted back into Afghanistan culture? Most are Hazara - Hazara - who fought with the west against the Taliban after 911 - a fight that has rendered them hated and disliked in many areas of Afghanistan and prime targets for revenge.An examination of civilian casualties in bomb and terrorist attacks reveals a startling fact - most attacks are against Hazara communities !.

Such decisions are based upon a delusional premise that 'areas of Afghanistan' are safe..although most of the rest of the world accepts that Afghanistan has been - and will continue to be for the foreseeable future - a war zone. This 'safe categorisation' makes Sweden a laughing stock in the world !

The problems of Afghanistan go beyond simply being a war zone. Corruption, drug addiction,is rife...and land mines kill enormous amounts of innocent civilians. Additionally, acute water shortage problems add to the distress of innocents.

If you would really like to understand my outrage - the outrage of someone who for decades has loved Sweden and all it stood for - then you should watch the enclosed video. Simply click on the link below the picture to go to the video.

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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

3rd world 2018 ?

It is to be hoped the present speaker of the Riksdag,(Parliament in Sweden)
does not forget these words

Prime Ministers of Sweden have stated that deportation decisions are made by the Migration Agency and the courts.
In other words, an agency rife with errors, incompetence and fraud
courts that are not courts in any normal accepted
use of that term in a modern western democracy.

If you think these are just my words,
then know that a unanimous Constitutional Committee
chaired by (I believe) the new Speaker of the Riksdag
Andreas Norlen
say the same earlier this year
about the court system in Sweden

Thursday, September 20, 2018

The assassination of...the 'Rule of Law' in Sweden

The Swedish Migration Agency,this week, issued a statement confirming their “legal view that there are ‘safe’ areas in Afghanistan” to which young asylum seekers (who came here at the invitation of 2 Swedish Prime Ministers) can be deported.This is in clear opposition to masses of expert opinion and reports which clearly show that a war has been raging in Afghanistan for many years and the escalation of civilian casualties has never, even at the height of American troop presence in the tens of thousands, been as high as these last 3 years. This data is from a Swedish reasearch (click here)

Deportations on these terms are usually known as ‘Refoulement’ and are contrary to conventions agreed and signed by Sweden over many, many decades.

Much is made in the corridors of power of the ‘legality’ of what is done. The Rule of Law is paramount is the prime argument.

What, however, is the situation when that ‘rule of law’ contradicts existing laws or when that ‘quoted law’ does not meet the required standards of juris prudence in a modern western democracy? What is the situation when that ‘law’ is obtained illegally, illegally as defined by all normally accepted definitions of independent judiciary?

Justice and democracy require a number of basic foundations. The first of these foundations in a modern western democracy is - an Independent Judiciary. That means a judiciary that is free from political interference and influence. There are enough Swedish academic reports which illustrate the ‘politicisation of the courts’ here in Sweden

A second foundation is that old saying,’Justice shall not only be done, it must be seen to be done’. In other words, transparency. A ‘court’ where a full verbatim transcript is NOT made and NOT available fails to meet the requirement of transparency and denies to the defendant any meaningful route to appeal. In other words, no checks are built into the system to allow for proper legal control and censure of actions by a Government or Government Department that would otherwise be regarded as ‘Contempt of Court’ in a normal legal system.

In such a scenario there is NO RULE OF LAW. There is ‘pretend justice’.A ‘potatismos’ law is not a law, it just looks like one!

I am not here discussing IMMIGRATION POLITICS.

I am discussing the failure of Sweden - a modern western democracy with a PR reputation of being humanitarian and just - to correct the situation endemic in some areas of ‘law enforcement’ that fail to meet the basic fundamental criteria of justice.

The ‘rule of law’ fails when that ‘law’ does not meet the required standards. This can be easily illustrated by the confusion and dissent caused from a law this year, commonly known as the ‘gymnasie law’.

That the ‘rule of law’ is prostituted and debased by ‘Migration Courts’ that are both politicised and contradict Sweden’s own ‘Rules for Court Procedures’ (1999) is a betrayal of the requirements of a modern democracy.

As Gandhi said, ‘ there are unjust laws as there are unjust men’.

Well, I would ask Swedes to ask themselves a very simple couple of questions:

1. When Swedish young people in our schools hear and learn of what is happening is so-called courts, how much respect do you think they carry for the rest of their life for ‘the rule of law’?
2. At what point can you trust any government enough to allow for the ‘rule of law’ and the ‘modern concepts of justice’ to be surrendered? Law,Justice, are the citizens only guarantee of freedom.

As one of the most respected Think Tanks in the world has stated:
“For the Rule of Law to be present, good laws are required,not just strict adherence to government enforcement of bad laws”.
Cato Institute

And in respect of Immigration Law, the Cato Institute observes as follows:

 There is clearly adequate evidence from reputable Swedish  sources that support the view that the present system does NOT meet these requirements but,indeed, falls so short of them as to be directly and fairly comparable to systems in some 3rd world countries or systems extant in Europe 80 years ago.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The destruction of democracy

Watching Sweden wriggle and squirm under the burden of trying to get out of promises made, invitations given. is a very sick experience for a non-swede like me who has previously believed in the excellence of Sweden.

I cannot imagine how real Swedes feel about it.It must be devastating to realise what a hypocritical scenario they have been living under for many years.

Not least to realise what a sham,fake,the 'legal system' is that they had thought was so civilised. The myth of a fair and just legal system has been blown apart with Swedish reports of 'politicised courts' and adequate and growing volumes of evidence of serious failings in the administration of Court Procedure rules.

The failure to give Amnesty to young people from Afghanistan that Sweden invited here with 'open heart' and 'refugees welcome' speeches is not simply wrecking the lives of young people who believed what Sweden said - it is destroying the very fabric of trust on which Swedish society was built.

The price Sweden is paying for this Machiavellian absurdity is high and will be far reaching, affecting generations to come in Sweden. It is a Brutus dagger into the heart of democratic values.

Eulogy to a betrayed nation

Friday, September 07, 2018

Have you no decency,Sweden?

Totally, totally heartbreaking to see the suffering of these children and the family cost in deaths in this endless, endless,endless war.

There is no way Sweden cannot suffer in the world of public opinion with this head in the sand attitude that Afghanistan is 'safe'.

In the name of all that is decent in Sweden, in the name of all that is honourable in Sweden, it is time to declare Amnesty for all who believed your promise that you had open hearts and refugees were welcome (before you changed your mind in Nov 2015). 

For goodness sake, for Sweden's sake, end the torture of those you rejected in your sham courts !

Do they not already bear in their young lives enough sadness and grief when they see what is happening to the country they fled?  Must we continue the torture of threatened deportation and denial of basic human rights - simply because they believed what we said when we invited them here?


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