Sunday, May 27, 2018

the real twist on that 'care and support' spin !

According to the statistics issued by the Swedish Migration Agency, it appears the 'flood' of refugees has been such a level that 2017 was the lowest 'input' for 12 years.

Who would ever have believed that by listening to M and SD talking...or even S   - trying to get votes for the next election ?

In other words, this whole 'refugee ' thing - which surged in 2014 + 2015 as a result of 2 Prime Ministers inviting refugees here - is now being used to divert people's attention and/or blame the shortcomings of other policies upon immigrants.

Worth reminding ourselves that a lot of our TAX money from Foreign Aid budgets was withdrawn to be spent 'at home in Sweden' to enrich our society,kommunes, businesses,schools, swedish jobs....under the excuse of providing 'care and support' for immigrants.

I say 'excuse' because as soon as the economic effects within the country have produced good GDP figures and lowered Swedish unemployment...Sweden cannot wait to throw young people out, even back to internationally recognised war zones in breach of Swedish promises about refoulement since 1951.

So, can someone please tell me (you'll find an email address shown below on this blog) is there so much difference between this behaviour and the slave trade ?  Both torture and abuse, both deprive a person of their human rights (like the right to a fair trial), both demonstrate a level of cynicism and depravity (how can you possibly call Afghanistan 'safe' ?.... that's depraved!) and both place a stain upon a society that remains for decades.

posted with the kind permission of Maria Robsahm

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Now, that looks familiar...huh?

This is actually a threat to ALL Swedes. 

When the fundamentals of law are compromised by political agendas, all of us are at risk.

And is this is the scenario now, 
imagine if a racist fascist right wing government took over !

if there is no war in Afghanistan, then why this

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Perhaps the Migration Agency doesn't read what it's own government is doing, huh?

smart enough? är du smart nog?

to join the dots and see the truth about the benefits to Sweden the asylum surge brought

att gå med i prickarna och se sanningen

A smart person does not buy into the scare tactics of vote seeking politicians who want to make scapegoats of people YOU INVITED TO SWEDEN.

Is this the new meaning of 'Swedish hospitality' ?' 

all that jobs scare talk

source: Radio Sweden  week 20

So what is all this talk about young asylum seekers 'stealing swedish jobs?'
Sweden, according to your own government statistics - is suffering a labour shortage !

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

a bottomless pit of cynicism and hypocrisy

Some appalling things have been happening,done in the Name of Sweden and the Swedish people. This case is so against anything I have ever understood to be Swedish and Swedish values, that I cannot believe this is what the majority of the Swedish people want. There comes a point where it is necessary to say - with massive silent protest on the streets - this is not US, this is not who we are ! (item in Swedish and english).

Where are the politicians with principles in modern Sweden ? A far cry from Olof Palme ! As for 'open hearts' the hearts that are open here are so because they are broken! As for 'refugees welcome' - words without actions are simply worthless. If these 3 children don't deserve our compassion, if these 3 children don't deserve our protection - then heaven helps us because we have fallen into a bottomless pit of cynicism and hypocrisy.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

court in the act - or - caught in the act

and if you need help, consider these facts:

1. The Migration Agency can say whatever they want in the Migration 'Court' - and do not need any evidence to support their accusations.

2. They can make a 'fraudulent misrepresentation' (bedrageri) even when they do know some of the facts

3. The Swedish Government does NOT keep a verbatim record of that 'court' and all that was said so no lawyer can present evidence to dispute accusations and falsehoods that were made - but not recorded - at a higher appeal 'court'

This therefore means an appeal is a meaningless exercise and that the taxpayer has paid for all the costs of a 'court' that is not, by modern western standards, actually a court. Indeed, it most closely resembles a Taliban court !

Now..there's some thoughts for Swedes to contemplate when they speak about 'justice and fair play'


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