Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The chorus of Shame

grows louder and louder. The understanding that the Migration Depatment has broken rules and regulations. The awareness that the legal system has been deeply flawed.

The sight of young people who came here accepting the promise of an 'open hearted Sweden', full of hope and trust, being forcibly dragged to a plane to be sent back to a country that has - by any acceptable definition - been at war for 30 years. Those same young people, emotionally and mentally tortured for sometimes 2 years or more live in a fog of fear.

Thousands have gone into hiding, a shadow society that presents a massive security risk. What have they got to live for except the vague hope that a solution will come and save them ?  It is a tribute to their decency, to their graciousness, that there have not been countless destructive events.

In the middle of all this,politicians prevaricate, it is after all an election year and many fear to be seen as being too welcoming to foreigners even though the economic benefits to the nation are indisputably good.

At what point will the politicians simply accept that this chorus of shame is a curse that noble Sweden should not have upon it, in this generation or any future generation? Not many generations ago, 1.3 million Swedes emigrated - not escaping war, terrorism or persecution. Is it not a life balance for Sweden's governments to honour the promises this nation made to all those who came before November 2015, especially with regards to non-refoulement ?

Here you can see some of the many many many examples of this chorus of shame, click on the link for an article in pdf format. 

legal poker

legal criticism from a lawyer firm

failed state article

ashamed article

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

'The Ides of March' are upon a democracy


So yet another new law affecting under 18 asylum seekers who came before 24 November 2015.
More technicalities, more window dressing, more 'back door getouts' so everything seems to be 'legal.

very interesting. So, when someone already fulfilled all these requirements, why were they not granted a permit under the June 1 2017 law...and why, again, so many 'get out' clauses in the proposed June 1 2018 law?

Is this just more window dressing whilst deportations of persons clearly under 18 when then arrived (prior to Nov 2015) are resumed ? 

Non-refoulement was the promise. Open Hearts was the promise.

No amount of political juggling,bureaucratic bedrageri or judicial inadequacy  can escape the fact that 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Sponsored adoption

If the government will not keep Sweden's promises on 'Non-refoulement'  , then at least allow some decent Swedes to do so - and there are plenty of them that desire to do so

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Justice demands accountability

There may be those who think this blog is simply (as very important as that is) about young asylum seekers.

They would be incorrect to assume this.

Of all the things that the asylum seeker surge of 2014-5 (remember, invited here with an open heart policy), has shown, is an alarming deterioration of judicial standards and jurisprudence – where accusation and opinion – NOT EVIDENCE – has been the basis for judgement. Many times that accusation and opinion is poorly researched, incorrect and an affront to any decent standard of jurisprudence. Accusation and opinion presented by civil servants who are paid by the taxpayer to follow rules.

It is time that those who abused the rules face accountability and are suitably admonished for bringing Swedish Justice into disrespect.

I am not alone in this perception…….am I ?


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