Thursday, April 19, 2018

Anosognosia - political sickness in Sweden

Here is an extract from the Government's own bill 2016/17 : 33

The same dark picture also appears in Government Bill 2016/17: 33 on continued Swedish participation in the NATO Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan: "The prolonged armed conflict has continued to worsen in size and intensity in the last year. Several provincial capitals are threatened by attacks and in several areas, mainly in rural areas, the government has no or only limited control ".  

Yet, the Migration Agency continues to refuse to acknowledge the reality, accepted by so many including the Swedish Government, Red Cross, specialists from the Swedish embassy in Kabul, The United States Congress, Canadian government, British Government, etc.etc.etc.

In breach of European Conventions, UN conventions, even it's own Swedish Aliens Act. Sweden continues with REFOULEMENT. In the name of decency.In the name of consistency.In the name of Swedish integrity:

Monday, April 16, 2018

the SHAME count

That's the number of people who die every day from war/terrorist action (figures for the first 13 weeks of 2018) according to the UN (UNAMA) 
in what Sweden says is the "safe" country of Afghanistan

jobs for the boys - and to hell with our promises

The then leader of the Moderate Party, Prime Minister Reinfeldt, gave a promise to those escaping war zones. It was called the 'Open Heart' promise.
This offer was changed in on 24 November 2015.

Since then a lot of taxpayer money has been used to 'support under age asylum seekers', a euphemism for a financial policy of redistributing Foreign Aid by paying it out in Sweden !

It was a highly beneficial system for the Swedish economy, especially in rural areas.(see stats here)

Now that same Moderate Party has a new suggestion of how to divert taxpayer money back into the economy. Build more 'prison cells' for those asylum seekers who have now reached 18 years of age and can be returned to what is absurdly called 'safe Afghanistan'.

This scheme, according to EvaMärta Granqvist, will cost the taxpayer SeK.3000,- per day per prisoner. That's 600 prisoners, that's Sek 1.8 million per day. Sek. 657 million a year !  For that money and the money you already take from Foreign Aid budgets you can house 15000 - not simply 600 !!!!

SPECIAL OFFER - BUY WHILE IT LASTS, Mr. Fossell.... and this offer lets Sweden keep the promise that M made on it's behalf.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Friday, March 23, 2018

whitewash ?

What is the point of paying for all of that when the decision is already made in advance..a decision based upon inadequate, incorrect or downright dishonest
opinion posing as fact ?


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