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Time for an Independent Inquiry to restore Swedish Justice

shaming justice

That medical age assessment debate today in the Parliament

There is a shortage of 'reasonable doubt' in this situation.For there is absolutely no doubt that the present behaviour by an authoritarian and duplicitous government department is very damaging to Sweden's reputation in the world.

There is also no doubt, by any objective observer who knows the facts, that 'secret courts' protect the state more than they protect the asylum seeker. Now, where have we seen that before in Europe?

reasonable doubt-001

Det finns en brist på "rimlig tvivel" i den här situationen. För det finns ingen tvekan om att den nuvarande politiken är mycket skadlig för Sveriges rykte i världen. Det är också utan tvekan av någon objektiv observatör som känner till fakta, att "hemliga domstolar" skyddar staten mer än de skyddar asylsökanden. Nu, var har vi sett det innan i Europa?

Sunday, January 14, 2018

paid for what ?

if these truly are the rules...then a lot of people have been getting paid - with your tax money - for not following them !

not true rules

how low can you go

There is evidence of a policy that punished young people for not having any documents - by increasing their age. Then, when documents could be produced proving age, there was no change in the 'punishment'. At first it can appear this was simply a method for reducing the support, for if a child reached 18 earlier as a result of the punishment, the State saved money. However, this 'punishment' also had other consequences that led to imprisonment in a holding centre (Like Kallered for example) and even deportation. It led to a constant fear of arrest, even at school in front of friends. It also led to suicides in cases that were later re-assessed and found to be incorrect. We replaced hopes with lies, trust with fear, belief with disillusionment.

The power of Migrationverket to dismiss evidence, to dismiss experience based opinion from others in contrast to their own inexperienced based opinions, to use unqualified opinion as 'evidence' in a so-called court (a secret court at that) has echoes of a radical authoritarian nationalism usually known as fascism. Is this really Sweden today? Has respect for the rule of law been so prostituted?

Many leaders quote that each case is individual and decided by the courts.My investigations cause me to challenge this.There appears to be a deliberate and widespread policy involved  that denies individual case assessment. Is this really Sweden today?

We do not protect our society by lowering our standards. Nor does Sweden serve itself well in the world when such revealed lowered standards become the catalyst for scandal at home as with the medical age assessment scandal. Why did the Swedish taxpayers have to pay for such betrayal of Swedish decency ?


for those who came with hope

lost smile excerpt

you can read the full poem here:  http://www.geoffrey-groom.com/the-lost-smile.html

Friday, January 12, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


quicksand duplicity

The extract below from SvD here

Board of Health-001

back doors…escapes from responsibility

I have been asked to explain about my ‘laws with backdoors’ comment on the posting from 2 days ago
So, here is a screen shot of a section from Migrationsverkets website:
self supporting permanent
Things to note about this ‘law’ and it’s getout clauses (back doors).
1. Afghanistan is not considered by Sweden to be an ‘at war’ country. Most of the rest of the world considers it so, the UN listing it as a class 1 warzone (same as Syria).The US Congress (July 2017) confirmed it as the worst place in the world for terrorist organisations. Now, according to security information, ISIS has moved in!
2. The under 18 reference is critical to understanding why an asylum seeker’s age was artificially increased by a Migationsverket employee (with no experience) at first interview who had worked in the agency for just 5 months and left one month later. This meant that  a ‘secret court’ could be held (normally held if requested by an under 18 seeker,but in many cases not requested by the seeker) for someone who Migrationsverket claimed was 18 years and 10 months old !  Very strange!
3. The increased age was a ‘punishment’ for having no documentation. When this documentation was later obtained, it did not cause the age ‘to be reduced’.
4. Even though the person had been provided with accommodation (at no cost to the Swedish State), a guaranteed income if continuing at school (at no cost to the Swedish State-provided by persons of European origin and non-muslim), a part time (if at school) or full time job…..these things were not considered by the court and were dismissed as irrelevant by Migrationsverket.
5.If the grounds for protection are shown to be other than ‘simply being a war zone’, for example having been kidnapped and therefore subject to reprisal if returned (refoulement), it is of no consequence ….as things such as evidence and facts do not enter into the consideration of this Swedish Migration Court system.
In other words, as with the medical age assessment scandal, Sweden is inflicting debilitating injury upon it’s own integrity and reputation in the world. The asylum seeker issues are not the cause of these deteriorating standards, but simply the catalyst for the manifestation of the problem.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

“Comedy of Errors”

A comedy is something humourous. In Shakespeare’s case, this play was a farcical comedy – a satirical comment upon social conditions and laws.
A farce is defined as ” an event or situation that is absurd or disorganized.“
I leave you to judge about Migration politics in Sweden…………………. for there is absolutely nothing to find funny in this scenario.

comedy of errors.SE

Sunday, January 07, 2018

Those asylum seeker costs so many complain about !

You have heard it, in the media, from folks you had thought reasonable persons : “Look at what they are costing us. They get better conditions than our own folk on social payments”.
Yeah, you’ve heard it!
What they probably haven’t heard is that essentially what has happened is that money which previously was spent abroad (often in very corrupt countries) is now being spent here in Sweden. To a substantial benefit here in Sweden. Payments to Kommunes, lower unemployment, payment to lawyers, courts, back up services, more domestic expenditure for service supply businesses toe enjoy….
So the asylum seeker scenario diverted money that otherwise went abroad …..to the home economy.
sida-afgh corruptionsida budget
fra SIDA website                                                                  https://www.svd.se/underskatta-inte-en-vaxande-religios-extremism
sida aid cutssida aid statement
fra SIDA website                                                                         fra SIDA website
Essentially, Swedish taxpayers were already spending this money….but now they could really see where it was being spent.
So I have a very simply question to ask SD…….this was really a bad thing to do, huh, spend this money at home ?

For this we get (mainly) young people to support our society.Young people with a desire to be educated. Young people who want peace,justice,democracy in their lives. You know, people who want to be as we are, comfortable, peaceful and building a life worth living.

see also:http://www.sida.se/English/press/current-topics-archive/2016/deductions-for-in-country-refugee-costs-lead-to-redistribution-of-swedish-foreign-aid/

wash out

erosion of standards - Copy[5]


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