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If you have an interest to join the facebook group dealing with the scandal of young Afghan Asylum seekers, who came at the invitation of 2 Swedish Prime Ministers - and most of which are now homeless, penniless and despite decades of promises from Sweden about Non-Refoulement - now live in fear of deportation to the war zone hell that is Afghanistan today.

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This is about the regulatory and legal scandal surrounding the issue of under 18 (when they arrived and applied) asylum seekers in Sweden, especially ...

Monday, December 10, 2018

3rd world 3rd rate product.

My disappointment with Sweden’s Migration Agency
Is not based on humanitarian reasons - though I have thousands of those!

My disgust with Sweden is based on the following:

1. Sweden has politicised courts.Don’t just take my word for it - take the words of your own Constitutional Committee chaired by Andreas Norlen.What modern western democracy does not have an independent judiciary ?

2. 2 Swedish Prime Ministers (Reinfeldt + Lovfen) made a verbal contract- well reported in the world media - a contract they did not change until November 2015.This contract invited refugees to come to Sweden. Deporting young Afghans who accepted this invitation is a disgrace and casts serious doubts upon the integrity of Sweden.

3. The Migration Agency,paid with taxpayer money,refuses to accept what the whole world understands - Afghanistan is in a state of war and no place is safe.This attitude makes a mockery of any concept that Sweden lives in the real world.

4. Sweden pays out massive sums in foreign aid, yet when Sweden pulled back some of this money in 2016 to spend at home to deal with the refugee influx created by the Prime Minister invitations, it was of enormous benefit to the Swedish economy.Spending the aid money at home was a good pre-election policy.Now you give away so much money in foreign aid that you cannot even control where it is spent (Sida) yet you try to tell the taxpayer that asylum seekers are expensive.

5. Sweden dare not even keep proper records of what happens in these politicised courts.It is to be hoped that your own Swedish children do not also have to face such a system, because then you will be angry enough to protest in the streets.

6. For decades Sweden has promised the world it would not practice the forced return of a refugee to a place where the refugee has real reason to fear for their life and safety. For decades Sweden has promised this.For decades your taxpayer money has been used for this purpose, supporting this promise. Has all that taxpayer money been wasted?All that investment in Swedish decency been for nothing?

The young Afghan asylum seekers have done the Swedish taxpayer a BIG service. Their suffering at the hands of a callous and distorted system shows the Swedish taxpayer exactly what they are getting for their tax money - and it is a 3rd world 3rd rate product.

So, put to one side (if you really can) the humanitarian aspects of this appalling scenario - and just think of yourselves. Are these poor standards what you expect for your tax money?

Did you know your tax money pays wages to people who cannot even measure someone’s height properly (but makes them 10 cms taller).

Did you know your tax money pays all the court officials to sit in a court where the decision appears to have been taken even before the court sits? The ‘court’ is simply a PR job so you can think everything is ’legal’ but a system you would not want your own son or daughter to have to face.

Did you know your tax money pays the wages of someone who sits in a comfortable office and makes decisions without any reference to the facts of a case - and their ill chosen decisions costs the lives of so many young people who have committed suicide on Swedish soil, rather than be returned to hell? Your tax money paid for this !

So, put to one side (if you really can) the humanitarian aspects of this appalling scenario - and just think of yourselves. Are these poor standards what you expect for your tax money?

Thursday, November 08, 2018

Understanding outrage

I have been appalled by the discoveries I have made in the last 18 months concerning the politicised courts who disregard the Swedish Constitutional Rules for Court Procedures (1999)and the unregulated and uncontrolled activities of the Swedish Migration Agency who seem to be able to function with unqualified opinions,accusations and innuendo (with no evidence) - especially in respect of unaccompanied under 18 Afghan children.

Little wonder that some young people prefer suicide to being deported having endured the betrayal of their hopes by a nation that claims to be moral, ethical and following the 'rule of law'. Pretend justice is not justice !

The irregularities are such as to cause outrage, undiluted outrage that a nation such as Sweden, with it's long history of defending human rights and it's 'Open Hearts' attitude (Prime Minister Reinfeldt, 2014) and it's 'Refugees Welcome' (Prime Minister Lovfen, 2015) has descended to such debased methodologies as are currently employed. Such methodologies are an insult to the decent people of Sweden (the large majority) and an offence to any civilised western nation.

Despite decades of promising it would not practice REFOULEMENT (the forcible return of an asylum seeker to their land of origin, even though the asylum seeker has justifiable reasons to fear for life and limb upon return),Sweden is doing just that.Even with children under 14 years of age, orphans! This is especially outrageous when it is an under 18 -  someone who has spent 2 years being 'westernised' in Sweden and now they are past 18 and have served their economic purpose in Sweden (redirecting foreign aid money to boost the domestic economy) decisions are taken to return them to Afghanistan. With over 40% unemployment in Afghanistan and dire poverty in places like Kabul, what chance do you think such young people have of being accepted back into Afghanistan culture? Most are Hazara - Hazara - who fought with the west against the Taliban after 911 - a fight that has rendered them hated and disliked in many areas of Afghanistan and prime targets for revenge.An examination of civilian casualties in bomb and terrorist attacks reveals a startling fact - most attacks are against Hazara communities !.

Such decisions are based upon a delusional premise that 'areas of Afghanistan' are safe..although most of the rest of the world accepts that Afghanistan has been - and will continue to be for the foreseeable future - a war zone. This 'safe categorisation' makes Sweden a laughing stock in the world !

The problems of Afghanistan go beyond simply being a war zone. Corruption, drug addiction,is rife...and land mines kill enormous amounts of innocent civilians. Additionally, acute water shortage problems add to the distress of innocents.

If you would really like to understand my outrage - the outrage of someone who for decades has loved Sweden and all it stood for - then you should watch the enclosed video. Simply click on the link below the picture to go to the video.

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