Thursday, August 16, 2018


Clicking on the above picture takes you to a mini website that discusses whether Sweden knew, or should have known, that the invitation from TWO Swedish Prime Ministers (prior to November 2015) to asylum seekers from Afghanistan would be met with such a large response.

It appears Sweden wants the world to think it did not have any idea that so many young people would flock to a western democracy that previously had an excellent record for receiving immigrants and that invited them to come.

Check it out,please, and decide for yourself.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018


I am simply an observer, a lover of Sweden.
It seems to me a crisis point is close in Sweden-a watershed moment that decides what kind of society Sweden will be in the future in a way that has never been decided before.

In such a moment, a wise government leads and does not follow public opinion.Clearly, the move by S to more 'right wing policies on immigration' has substantially weakened their supporter base.Many former S supporters cannot equate Olof Palme's words on immigration to what has been happening to all who answered the invitation issued prior to 24 Nov 2018 and whom Sweden has subjected to bedrageri(a politicised judiciary), emotional and psychological torture. 

So, I ask this S party of 2018, what have you got to lose by taking a principled  position (and standing by the Swedish invitation) and announcing an amnesty? Do you think such a decision will cost you more voters or gain back voters who have deserted you? 

Do you not now, as you did in 2016, think that cutting foreign aid budget payments abroad and spending it at home is not a smart policy? Didn't this 'spend at home' produce major benefits to the economy in 2015/6/7 (as stated by IMF, OECD,Bloombergs) 

You have successfully stemmed the flood of immigrants to controllable levels (2017 being the lowest for 12 years) having dealt with the 2014/2015 surge that resulted from 'Open Heart' and 'Refugees welcome' speeches by 2 Swedish Prime Ministers (1 from M, 1 from S), but your insistence that Afghanistan is a 'safe' place is a PR disaster. It is costing you your own support base.

Clearly your 'marketing policy' has not enhanced your chances at the next election. It is in your hands to so crystalize the arguments as to lead Sweden forward into a re-awakening of traditional Swedish values of fairness and true justice. And, frankly, it doesn't look like you have anything to lose by doing so, according to recent opinion polls.

Pleeeez, lead...don't follow !

Monday, July 30, 2018

In Memorium - A

Oh how great is thy burden, beloved Sweden. How great the price that is paid for your false words 'open heart', 'refugees welcome'.

RIP trusting, believing A.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Absurdistan Bladet sun 22 July 2018

beastly beauty

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and I bet you think this is 'fake news', huh? Because, after all, Sweden is a wonderful modern caring society. But if you care to check further on this blog - or visit you will see there is nothing fake about what I write here.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

killer fiasco

this fiasco in absurdistan (Sweden) costs lives!
as a Swede, are you not ashamed?

Anyone would think we were talking about an uncontrolled flood...whereas the truth is that last year (2017) saw the lowest refugees input in Sweden for...wait for it...12 years !  (Migrationsverket statistics)
posted with the kind permission of Maria Robsahm

Saturday, June 30, 2018

another 13 months of torture

So, with much publicity, the new law affecting 9000 young 'asylum seekers' (most of whom qualify under all the conventions agreed by Sweden since 1951) comes into force on the 1st July 2018.

As with the 'new law to solve the problem' in June 2017, this one is also simply a temporary plaster
over a self inflicted political wound.Remember, Sweden's 2 Prime Ministers invited these young people to come to Sweden with promises that they would be welcome! 

This law does not give amnesty or permanent residency to all those who have been subjected to over 2 years of psychological and emotional torture by a system that is afraid even to keep full verbatim court records of what happens in Migration Courts - and the accusations and opinions that are used within those courts, even though they lack any truth or any evidence.

This new law gives a 13 month extension of torture and insecurity, after which the asylum seeker may apply long as the Migration Agency has decided that it is politically inconvenient to practice refoulement (since Afghanistan is not regarded by most as a 'safe place' it is by the Swedish Migration Agency). After the 13 month period, the Migration Agency will decide if the permission can be extended.

Based on the evidences in my possession about the incorrect/incompetent  and/or deceitful behaviour of the Migration Agency in the past 2.5 years, I would not have them decide for me what breakfast cereal is best !!! (they cannot even measure someone's height correctly...making a 15 year old 10cms higher than he actually was...and 2 years later is still not as high as he was measured).

In other words, this new law has nothing to do with asylum seekers....and everything to do with postponing any REAL DECISION until after the national elections in September.

source of data on the new 1st July law:

Friday, June 29, 2018

The actual score in Europe

and when you look at the perversion of legal system here in Sweden, you can understand why this figure is so disgraceful.
check out some examples here:


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