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‘Economic migration’

The problem of ‘economic migration’

There are some who object to the tragic influx of immigrants on the basis that they are

‘economic immigrants’

So just to gain some perspective on this, let us define an ‘economic immigrant’ as someone who is

not escaping a war/terrorist zone.

How then would we feel about 1.3 million ‘economic immigrants’, persons seeking to come here

who are not escaping war/terrorism?

In context it is to be noted that, per capita of population, Sweden has taken in more immigrants

since 2001 than any other European country.

Something for which Swedes should be justifiably proud and generally are. There is just a small

percentage whose apparent grasp of history conveniently omits this:

in the 19th century 1.3 MILION  ‘economic refugess’ emigrated from Sweden to the USA. They did not leave

because of war or terrorism, nor because of violent religious oppression.


So, where is the logic of the argument presented by that small minority who oppose accepting refugees from war zones?

It is, after all, no more than pay-back!

refugee children

photo from The Guardian and an article here

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Swedish facts for Fox News viewers

cilc on the pic below to go to the website


Sweden gov response to Fox

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Violent,riot ridden Sweden? Huh?

There seems to be some myths going around about no-go areas, increased violence and riots in Sweden.

Well, I’m an Englishman with a Norwegian wife so I have no ‘nationalistic flag to wave. Nor am I involved in politics in any way, so I have

no ‘fear-mongering agenda’ in an attempt to cover my otherwise crappy policies and get near to the ‘honey pot of power’.


I don’t recognise this Sweden that a certain foxy pres from USA talks about (I can’t write his name because I have an app that blocks any article in the media

with his name in it from appearing in my pc. This is called ‘Freedom’.). But I do recognise, being an elderly man’ that standard blame game to deflect people’s

attention from what is really going on.


However, perhaps before looking at the Sweden glass house,Americans would be wise to look at their own. In Sweden we

do not have cases of cops killing 12 year olds and not even having a trial by their peers! Nor do we have cases of cops killing a 17

year old (while he is unarmed and lying on the ground – ps. this guy was whjite) for flashing the cop car to tell the officer his

lights are on main beam and dazzling road users.


Now, if the media wants to get excited about something, why don’t they get excited about these 2 cases which are symptomatic

of the problem the D could tackle at home, instead of trying to buy and throw s’’t at a country with far higher standards than his own!


And as for Jimmy A, hope he gets his green card. And if by some mistaken hallucination you think Jimmy A represents anybody’s interests but his own, then welcome to the real world! The real world is that most Swedes care about people less fortunate than themselves – and it does have it’s benefits: in my small town (about 3000) there are now 42 languages, but our high school has just been voted the 2nd best in the whole of Sweden. The influx of desperate refugees has, on balance, been beneficial in terms of employment in the area and a boost to businesses. Cultural changes, of course there are: Sweden is not the same as it was 50 years ago – but, just look at the media, look at the tv, look at the internet – all these things have had a profound effect on the Swedish culture in the last 50 years. Is Jimmy A protesting about that? Is he protesting that Gothenburg has just been voted the most sociable city…in the world!


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sociable Gothenburg

Gothenburg most sociable

via TheGuardian

Congratulations to the school

Our local High School, in this small town, has just been ranked 2nd best in the whole of Sweden


A fine example of what you get when you don’t research adequately…DT

THAT video

via theLocal


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