Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cherry blossom in Stockholm

kungsträdgården Sthlm

the picture is older, but sverigeRadio announces today that the blossom is now blooming

boing! boing! boing! Spring is sprung

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boing collage

Friday, May 10, 2013

NEW, modern, place to eat in BENGTSFORS




Under new ownership the old Grillstugan in Bengtsfors

has now been completely refurbished, modernised,

and has all new kitchen and storage equipment.

It offers 'fast food' to the modern high standard and

points worthy of note are:

1. The mashed potato is HOMEMADE – it's not from a packet


2. The Hamburgers are pure BEEF – not blended meats


You'll get a good deal meal here if you are in Bengstfors – you can't miss it, it's immediately as you

come into Bengtsfors centre, by the main car parks

2nd in world - uni

sweden uni



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