Monday, September 09, 2013

I am not Swedish enough – episode 2


I am not Swedish enough


A recent survey about the top 10 most  reputable companies and the bottom 10 least reputable companies in Sweden is shown below.. From my viewpoint it clearly reflects a bias toward Swedish companies and a propensity to slam large companies.

For example: I live out in the country. Almost every year I have emailed/written to our electric supplier Vattenfall, to compliment them on the standard of service. We do a 3 year contract with them and when last renewed earlier this year the price was more than 10% LOWER than the previous 3 years contract!  If we ever lose supply (winter can be challenging) we get paid compensation by Vattenfall.

For example: McDonalds. I like McD burgers. 100% Swedish Beef. So go buy a Swedish sausage or Swedish produced burger (mainly blended port and beef) and see if you can get anywhere near 100% meat content! McD also trusts young people with it's company, check it out

For example: to rate Ryanair worse than SAS is pure patriotic humbug. In 25 years of flying within Scandinavia I have never,that's NEVER, had a good experience with SAS.




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