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Monday, August 29, 2016

all that glitters is not gold….

But in this case the shiny golden looking thermal wraps embrace immigrants rescued from the Mediterranean. In this case the great human (godlike) attribute of overwhelming compassion

is what wraps these desperate people.

all that glitters is not gold

The really great thing here is that all the arguments about religions, politics,wars, rights and wrongs – all have been subjugated in favour of the most important reason of all – saving human life.

The rest of the prattle,waffle and arguments can come later…for now, the priority is rescue, saving life.

Despite the challenges to it’s culture, despite the doubts of ‘traditional Swedes’ about the effects upon the future, the emnities that arise about how tax money is spent,Sweden has been at the forefront of extending help and hospitality (but not alone in doing so).


There are many problems to be resolved, many traumas to be healed, but the first thing – and the thing that is being done – is to not only share our wealth but to give others a glimpse of how beautiful,peaceful and contenting life can be.

photo sourced via the where a brilliant article about rescue at sea can also be read


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