Friday, May 11, 2001

Another wonderful day (Friday 11th) here in this Swedish Paradise. Absolutely incredible sunny weather.
The spring is now advancing quite rapidly with leaves perfectly discernible and that strong fresh
almost fluorescent 'blotching effect' appearing across the forest and the lakeside. Even the grass is starting to show
noticeable activity. A profound sense of 'impressionism rules, OK?' dominates the landscape.
The brilliance of the sunlight has given way to a tranquil haze during the early evening and a tiredness has settled on the...........hmmm...that is not an objective observation as the tiredness has simply settled on me, not on everything else.
It's not exactly easy to remain highly energised on such hot days in such beautiful surroundings. This kind of living has a
rhythm of it's own that is somewhat different from the often high-stress, high nervous energy scenario of city life
There goes that E=Mc2 thing again, it's always a question of where you stand as to what you see, huh?
I haven't seen the 'forest accountant' again today, he'll be back I'm sure, but did see one of the many Red Deer that
come around this area. A solitary male looking as though his wife had kicked him out! Such magnificently graceful creatures.
Must keep an eye open for the Swedish Navy's miniature sub, codenamed Beaver, that I haven't yet seen this year. Haven't seen him, but have seen his 'business card' in the form of felled trees or trees he's somehow dragged into the lake where he's stripped the bark and smaller branches from them.
Having talked about Dalsland Dinosaurs yesterday I was going to tell you about 'Swedish Elephants', but I'm too tired for tonight. Tell ya another time, huh?
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