Friday, May 11, 2001

This blog for 10th May.
It was warm again today, not as warm as yesterday but that was probably because the morning
was fairly overcast. The clouds passed away by mid afternoon and then competed a little over the next few hours with the sun. It was still a very nice day.
One of the 'forest accountants' came around again today. He (is you'll pardon me being sexist about it) visited quite a lot last year, in the Hazel tree that stands about 4 metres from the house.
I was surprised - and delighted - however to see his return as he busied himself in the skeletal form of the Hazel tree which has not yet joined the present referendum campaign to any great degree. After some hectic activity the 'forest accountant' a.k.a. Squirrel, settled down in the late afternoon to some serious sunbathing completely oblivious, or so it seemed, to my presence and my camera. He allowed me to come within 2 metres of him!!!
Oblivious also he appeared to remain in respect of the referendum which, as predicted, has given way to masses of small green pendants exploding all over the forest. It would appear that the lack of a high level of heat this morning permitted hectic acticity to take place in the bud and leaf ( a.k.a. media battle) areas of the campaign. The Birch Party was making a very strong show of it...well, what's left of them in our area after the Beaver attack of last year oh, and the 'Swedish Woodpecker' otherwise known as the chain saw!!!
The previous winter, as you may have experienced in other areas of Europe and the world, was a winter of high winded storms. This, I understand, did much damage within the forests and whilst much work was done last year before the Spring in removing damaged or poorly rooted trees, much still remained to be done. There has been a lot of 'thinning out' of the forest this year by the 'Swedish woodpecker' and the even bigger , horrendously bigger, 'Dalsland Dinosaur'. The latter is a kind of mobile timber factory, felling, trimming and sectioning large trees in barely a minute or so.
Amazing material wood, isn't it? All the things we re-create from it's felled form.
Oh, if you want to see the 'forest accountant', check page 7 on the's easy to find as there is a thumbnail index at the bottom of every page.
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