Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Today in the forest 'forsamlingshus' (that's a meeting, assembly place where discussions and debates occur) there were heated debates between the Birch Party and the Pine Party. At regular intervals a 'referendum/election' occurs between all the species of the forest...and that's a lot of individual and corporate views.....concerning which species has most benefited the forest during the period of Spring. As discussed in previous blogs, the Spring is late this year and this was the cause of the heated debates as the referendum has been re-dated to a later time than had been previously thought despite current circumstances being at the optimum.
The assembly house was not the only place where much heat was generated, indeed, the whole area benefited from a miniature heat wave today that surpassed even yesterday's high temperatures.
The Pine Party, though probably by far the largest grouping, came under attack from the Birch Party (still a large party - but rapidly losing members under the Beaver onslaught ) whose flamboyance is far more noticeable, especially in the spring when they don their party colours of green for the bed, sorry, Deb season. Meanwhile fringe parties like the Oak Party and the Cherry party continued their normal meditative (almost like sleeping) activities on the back benches, oblivious to the row.
The Lilac Party moved around wearing complacent grins - of course they would, they 'peak' at around the first week of June (or will do this year) and so stand to benefit from their highly noticeable and colourful exposure. Frankly speaking, however, though well liked there are simply not enough of them to stand a chance of winning.
It is almost unbelievable how rapidly the reports of the meeting spread during the day and all over the forest party members of the differing groups were seen to be flying their, as yet, small pendants and flags . As the 'election fever' increases we will start to see whole establishments covered in the party colours. This will, on present pundit's forecasts, be sometime by the last week of May.
All in all it has been a brilliant and exciting day here by the lakeside, hehehehehe :)
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