Sunday, May 13, 2001

'I've looked at clouds from both sides now (and) it's clouds illusions I recall. The chariots racing across the sky: the face of someone you felt you knew: the cotton wool fluffy imageries that captivate the attention. It's all there, in the clouds. The rain is also there but it didn't get here today, despite all that green sandstorm that has closetted the forest and the landscape crying out for some refreshment. But, doubtless it will come in it's appointed time, which was obviously not today and so we had another pleasant dry day here.
There has been no sign, that I have seen, of the forest accountant (the Squirrel). Even the body of the dead one I saw the other day has now disappeared. I hope he is going to show up again.
However, a swedish submarine a.k.a. Beaver was spotted making towards the Beaver house about 5oo metres from our home. Probably out to sabotage the Birch Party's election campaign :) Oh yes, the campaign is now in full swing and hour by hour it seems the pendants and flags unfurl in ever increasing numbers. There's even pyramids of promised blossom on the branch tops of the lilac bushes.
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