Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Wednesday 16th May
Brrrrrr. It's gone colder! Down to only 5 C last night and not much above 11 C today.
A few days ago I said I would talk about 'Swedish Elephants', well, here we go.
They are reputed to be Blue and Yellow (as opposed to the pink ones of over-intoxication!)
and have ears that are much smaller than either the African or Indian variety. Most people think this is all a joke....BUT...
if that is so why or how does the following occur?
You see, most of the roads around here are forest roads, made of gravel. Well maintained! They have a whole structure/system
here for taking care of these gravel roads. In the winter they are superb for getting the snow ploughs out and keeping the roads fairly clear: equally they are also brilliant for 're-surfacing', grading the roads i.e. resdictributing the gravel after months of wear so that 'rut marks' are removed and the road returned to a normal, flat scenario.
Now, the question about the existence of Swedish Elephants is best resolved by observing that so often, even within a day
of this 're-surfacing work', potholes can appear in the roads. This happens irrespective of weather conditions: one might, for example, understand if there had been a sudden deluge of rain, but this 'logic' does not work in this situation. The weather seems to play no part in these 'pothole manifestations'. These potholes are normally about the size of an elephant's foot and, strangely, they are mostly grouped though one or two elephants have been passing in that area.
Although I have never yet seen one, I have come to accept the existence of the 'Swedish elephant' as being the only rational
explanation to the pothole phenomena.
Oh, and I hardly ever drink alcohol for those readers who may feel that this could be an explanation!
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