Sunday, May 20, 2001

After a couple of days of indifferent weather we are now back to a brilliant blue-sky'd morning here this Sunday morning.
The flood of green has continued unassuaged, even encouraged, as a result of the rain of the past 3 days. But this morning
we are assaulted by the dancing reflections of a strong sun over the gently rippling waters of the lake.
The Apple trees and Cherry trees have now started in greenleaf production and the Lilacs are well advanced with their pyramids cone clusters of bud promised blossom. Some smaller bushes have already started in flower and the Peonies are coming along nicely.
So, it's all set for the idyllic spring floral extravaganza which should occur in about 10-14 days.
Still no sign of the 'forest accountant', my little friend the Squirrel and no profound signs of the Beaver.
Maybe I'll 'blog again later as I've a little to catch up, having missed a couple of days.
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