Thursday, May 24, 2001

23rd May 2001

I am fortunate to live in a place where the sounds of only the nature speak to me most of the time.
At night there are no street lights nor are there many house in the area, so that only the natural light
colours within the boundaries of my vision.
I have reached the conclusion that one of the major reasons for so much emotional and mental distress within society
today is quite simply....the absence of silence. I cannot think that any other period in the history of humanity
has witnessed such an onslaught of sound as is witnessed in our modern societies. We have become accustomed
to a concept of 'boredom' if our neurons are not constantly being stimulated by some 'entertainment' or other.
When did you last hear the 'sound of silence?'
When were you last able to simply stand and watch yourself walk by in the stillness?
When were you last able to enjoy the peace and tranquility that were designed into the natural order
of our existing so that we may revitalise our cells and our energies?
When were you last able to be alone with yourself, in the silence, and like the company you kept?
In a world seemingly obsessed with noise and societies apparently occupied with creating more problems
than they appear able to resolve... two things occur to me in the beauty of this tranquility with which I am
1. The preciousness of stillness.
2. That a problem is simply a solution awaiting it's time of birth.
For how can we think about something unless our brains have already started to 'encompass' the concept?
If that is true, then we have already started to formulate the answer (subject to adequate knowledge).
If that is true, it is only to await the birth.

Our problem is not the problem, but our perception of it. For our perception is predominantly subjective.
Were our perception objective, then...we would indulge in the tranquility of acceptance.
Acceptance isn't easy when it doesn't involve what we think we want as an answer...
but isn't what we think we want only a question of perception?

Looking at the raindrop from a different viewpoint often reveals the rainbow or the diamond
within the raindrop, huh?

There always is a rainbow within as there is always, always a hidden blessing in absolutely
every life circumstance....... huh?

Maybe it's not always what we think we want.....but, is it what we need?

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