Saturday, May 26, 2001

Saturday 26th May 2001
First a BIG thanks to Jason for handling the 'Blogger crisis' of failed T1 connections. It's so easy for all us
'free bloggers' to get grumpy and that, forgetting that we receive a free service and that this service
involves a lot of work...and more recently headaches I guess....for those who run the service.
Thanks, team, for all your efforts.
All of this reminds me of some of the horrendous problems faced when dealing with 'logically authoritative'
computers and programs. In the old DOS days (at which I was fairly useless), dots, commas, colons and
such were vitally important. So, I guess, today with HTML,DHTML and VRML, many other symbols
are vital.
Who said 'little things mean a lot' ?
It all kind of reminds me of the concept into reality scenario: the 'you can be anything you want to be scene:
'we are a big creation machine' idea.
Today I was reading all about concepts into realities when I read about Ribosomes. Little things, about
one millionth of an inch in size and something like 10,000 of them in every human cell. These are the little things
that translate the concept of flesh into the reality of flesh.
They are quite incredible 'factories'.
So, next time any of us get the negative idea that we cannot make 'matter' out of thin air....let's remember
our Ribosomes, hehehe. We are doing it all the time, it's just we don't think about it, we maybe haven't
been aware of it.
The interrelationship between Love, creativity and consciousness(awareness) is so easy to see...
if we got that 'in-sight'.
Take a look at your Ribosomes if you don't believe me, hehehehehehe
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