Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Monday 28th May
I linked in to a , well what I consider to be, a dismaying website tonight. You know,
you click on a link to see what's there. It was all about stuffing kittens into glass
jars and stuff like that.
I am trying to tell myself it was a 'joke' website.
I am trying hard to tell myself that.
But I am left with this kind of bad taste in my spirit, like I've eaten something
that's given me emotional, intellectual and spiritual indigestion.
Is there someone out there that can please explain to me:
1. Why such creative things as our brains manage to encompass such
2. How such a thing can be taken as a joke
3. Why some people seem to have a need to cause pain/suffering/discomfort
to others...or even animals...even if only in concept as opposed to actuality?

Oh, I can see many aspects of the symbiotic nature of lovingness in such
a scenario. I can see that such negative aspects of lovingness can attract
powerful positive aspects....but then is not the end result the cancelling
out of both?
Is there not a better way to advance the creativity of 'the Oneness' than with
such actions and concepts?

Hmmm. spiritually my perception can deal with it.
It's in my emotions that I've got the problem.
It's hurting me because it's hurting the ....kittens? Minds of others?
Mind of the author of the website?

It has been written that if we think a thing we have as good as done it.
Such is the power of creativity...and such is the longevity of a thought
we have conceived.

This indigestion is so unnecessary and so undesirable, huh?
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