Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Magnificent Windows 7

Ok.Ok. I know…no postings!  But I've been away and whilst away was soooo busy wiping my Acer Aspire 5315 harddisk

and doing a clean english install of 




Previously I had Vista Home Premium (which I quite liked)  but it was in Swedish – most laptops now come with little choice as to language install, so I have waited for 7 to be released.

ehem!  er!!   WOW!!!!!

It reminded me of my teenage years, way back before the flood and Noah's Ark, when I went from thisvespa-01 to this    tigercub-triumph-02

My notebook now goes so fast I am there before I've even left!!   7 is magnificent.

My notebook only has 2 gig RAM – but I can now put an 8gig USB stick in a slot, go to 7's ReadyBoost and (unlike Vista) it will use all 8 gig as additional 'flash' memory. Not quite as fast as RAM but mush faster than accessing progs  from the hdd.


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