Wednesday, November 18, 2009

food for thought….and pleasure

I was staying at one of my favourite hotels in Uddevalla, Hotel Gyldenlowe, and then travelled on from there to Oslo.

Uddevalla is a nice town. I like it very much. The centre of the town is so pleasant and 'cosy'.


A little behind the main shopping area is Kungstorget, an old-fashioned market place/meeting place square in front of what I guess is the old Rådhus.

kungstorget-Uddevalla-01 gyldenlowe-02


One of the great things about 'exploring cities and towns' is that occasionally you stumble upon a real treasure.  So there I am, taking an eating/exercise break from my PC work, wandering around wondering what I shall eat.  In the corner of Kungstorget is a Thai take-away called 'Spicy Wok'.  Something told me I should go in, even though my stomach is not tolerant of highly spiced foods.


The Spicy Wok is not really a restaurant, so it does not have the 'ambience', atmosphere of a restaurant. What it does have is really nice,friendly staff and…….

an incredible mass of unbelievably delicious fresh-cooked (in front of you) sumptuous food.


Here is my half-eaten (truthfully) plateful of Chicken sweet and sour. It cost just Sek 75 (including the coffee) and was some of the best (ranks in my top 3) asian food I have ever eaten in my life.

Needless to say, I went back to Spicy Wok again before leaving Uddevalla to go to Oslo. On my second visit I had frittered sweet and sour chicken – and they really know how to make an excellent batter for frittering.Deeeee----licious

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