Friday, December 16, 2016

do you get good value for your taxes? The Swedish answer


Since no person is an island there are costs to living in a society. So we pay taxes to maintain the kind of society we want to live in.

But are we satisfied with the services we get for our taxes?  Well, granted that it is generally the fashion to complain about government (national or local)

it’s interesting to see how folks consider the ‘satisfaction index’ of the main services. The ‘Swedish Quality Index’ gives some answers about the local level:

Water and sewage (76.7)

Preschool (75.8)

Upper secondary school (73.5)

Garbage and waste disposal (72.7)

Home services (72.5)

Health care (72.2)

Primary school (71.1)

Sports & recreational services (70.9)

Retirement homes (70.9)

Culture and leisure (68.2)

Municipalities and county councils (67.6)

Public transport (67.1)

Business services (62.2)

Security (61.1)

Environment and climate services (56.7)

Public information services (56.6)

Road maintenance (54.1)

Individual and family care (54.1)


and what may also surprise many is that Sweden does NOT pay the highest taxes compared to many European countries. Click below to see the details

less tax

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