Tuesday, August 04, 2015

noisy un-swedish minority

anti begging

If you do happen top be visiting Sweden (good choice ) we hope you realise this is a relatively small political party (it managed to cash in on immigration unrest at the last election and get 12% of the vote) that has an anti-immigrant, anti-others-who-don't-agree-with-them view of the world. It is far from typical of Sweden. A Nordic report published recently could find no evidence of 'organised gang' begging.

It begs the questions, though:

1. Did they really think such an advert as this was a benefit to Sweden?

2. Are they referring to the street beggars or the serious problem they have with unemployed/social security professionals who live off the system and are members of the SD ? (It won't surprise you to learn that it's quite a few – you know the line, 'all these immigrants are taking our jobs', you know, the jobs they wouldn't do anyway because they have an allergy to work!

3. Don't you think they have a serious problem with english at the SD party? To describe the very minor inconvenience of a small – yes small –number of destitute people asking for help as a 'serious problem' is a massive, unrealistic, exaggeration of the facts.

4. Do you know the very old technique of picking on a small group, attacking them, as a way of hiding your own faults and appealing to people's discontent with their own lives?

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