Friday, March 20, 2015

ouch! you trod on my toe….

Guess who did that by planning to make a speech about 'women's rights'  (the speech was not in SA nor did it mention that country by name).

WOW! So I guess the next question that should be asked is 'how much terrorism has Sweden exported compared with Saudi Arabia?

I am still proud to be able to live in a country that will defend human rights and especially the rights of women treated like 2nd class citizens.

saudi sweden tussle-0001

Clearly this move is meant to apply 'financial pressures' on Swedish businessmen. Did you know that the values of Western free speech can be interpreted as an attempt to interfere with the internal affairs of another country – even if you do not name that country? So if I say that the majority of 9/11 bombers were educated middle/upper class persons from a certain oil rich Middle Eastern country it can be understood that I am interfering withe the internal affairs of that country. Not that the bombers interfere with the internal affairs of the country they bomb, but I interfere simply by talking about it!

image and headline courtesy thelocal

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