Thursday, October 04, 2012

Raja Batak coffee morning

In Bengtsfors I buy my coffee from my favourite Coffee Shop (which is also an internet

cafe and PC shop…so I get so much pleasure going there…as well as meeting my 'club'

of wonderful Swedish friends


I buy mostly a coffee latte when I visit and buy coffee beans to take home. They get

some truly exceptional coffees (including Kopi Luwak, which I could never drink due

to it's source). So here's a SUPERB coffee I just bought at CAMERAIT

Raja batak coffee-001


They source many of their coffees from Johan & Nystrom, arguably Sweden's most

interesting roasteri producing 'slow-roasted' expertly sourced select coffees by hand.

Even just reading about their coffees (each usually has it's source history,farm,

location,etc shown on their website) guides you into the realms of not simply a

cup of coffee,but a 'coffee experience' that is one of the

great pleasures and delights of life. Click on the picture

below to go to their website (available in English)

Raja batak coffee-1001

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