Friday, February 06, 2009

Unbelievable! Incredible!

"One Irish road paver has been arrested while another is wanted by police in southern Sweden after the pair ordered a schoolboy to fill their truck with stolen gravel.

The two men drove straight past security barriers and across a field to get to a gravel yard outside Skurup in the far south of Sweden on Wednesday. They then phoned a nearby school and asked for help to dislodge a digger that had become stuck. A teacher at the school sent a pupil over to the yard to help the pavers.
But when the pupil got to the site he quickly realised that there was no digger. Instead the two men threatened him and ordered him to start loading gravel into their UK-registered truck, local newspaper Ystads Allehanda reports". This report carried by The Local...article here

It's not very often I find a cause for complaint about living in Sweden. The above story,at first sight, seems a little cheeky,even borderline amusing.

If you read the whole story at the link provided you can see that it is being treated in this way.

But within the story is something I find deeply troubling. "A teacher at the school sent a pupil over to help the pavers."  I don't know what 'school' it was,the age of the pupils, or any of that data - BUT I am left concerned with the question (and the issues arising from it) "by what authority does a teacher in any school send a pupil into a potentially dangerous situation like this?"  Apart from all other considerations (and there are many) what is the legal position of the school and the pupil if an accident had occurred in this circumstance?

Oh, and I suppose the school is to pay the pupil for his labour loading the truck - or is the pupil being charged with being an accessory to theft?

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