Friday, March 28, 2008

I enjoy living in Sweden very much, particularly this area of Dalsland and into Varmland. Swedish society is something special, a comfortable almost old-fashioned (and very caring) social democracy. Take this for example:

Karlstad is known as the solar city and has a smiling sun as it’s official emblem, partly because Karlstad often finds itself at the top of the Swedish list for hours of sunshine during the year (try telling that to a Karlstad inhabitant in the middle of November) and partly because of a young waitress called Eva Lisa Holtz from the 1700’s.

Eva Lisa was a waitress in Karlstad who became very popular through her sunny disposition and warm smile. She was nick-named "Sola" and is probably one of the few, if not the only, waitresses to be rewarded by having a statue of herself erected outside the Stadshotel in which she worked.
I cannot think of any city in the world where I have been where a statue to a cheerful waitress has been erected.

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