Friday, April 28, 2006

Sweden's largest Muslim organisation has deman...

"Sweden's largest Muslim organisation has demanded that Sweden introduce separate laws for Muslims, according to Swedish television"

Hmmm...this kind of law? It was claimed that a trial took place. The 19 year old princess was beheaded in a public execution..not in the santioned execution place,but in a car park! It was 1977 and according to 'Frontline' things haven't changed since then

"Saudi Princess Misha'al

She was a granddaughter of Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz, who was an older brother of the then King of Saudi Arabia, King Khalid bin Abdul Aziz.After attempting to fake her own drowning and being caught trying to escape from Saudi Arabia with her lover, she and her lover were executed on the orders of her grandfather, Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Aziz. There was no trial of the Princess or her lover, nor have any charges ever been brought against her grandfather".


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