Sunday, April 02, 2006

Potential Virus?

During this past week I have been receiving many SUSPECT emails.
Suspect?  Well,take a look -
1.The subject says pdf file, the content is a PIF file
2. The subject says Photo,the content is a BHX file
3. The subject says 'Real Show', the contect is a UUE file
4. The subject says jpg, the content is a PLF file.
All of the ACTUAL attachment files are known or possible carriers of virus, particularly the MyWife virus, according to
The emails come from a Norwegian email address but appear,unless its forged, according to the data I have been given to originate in the Phillipines.
Never, never, NEVER open an email containing attachments (in this case they are all over 100kb) if:
5. it comes from a person you do not know
6. you have not checked the 'file header' (you can do this on most webmail
systems without opening the attachment) to make sure the file type that is
ACTUALLY enclosed poses no risk to your computer.
AND be very sure your protection measures (anti-virus,anti-spyware, anti-phishing,etc) are absolutely up to date.
Interesting that people have the need to perform such strange actions in the first place, huh?
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