Saturday, February 25, 2006

What's the fascination with the birds?
Well, a little under 2 years ago I was given a Fuji S5000 digital camera as a present. It's my
3rd digicam.But this camera is such a joy to use that I have taken over 8,000 pictures in
21 months.

So, at the moment I am sitting in the 'living room' of my home helping my wife with some
of her artwork involving the metal. You can see more about her artist life over the past
30+ years at:
She has a large solo exhibition coming up in March in Stockholm at Galleri Infra.

As I am sitting there working, the birds are coming to feed and some of them I don't
remember ever having seen before. So I get a little occupied trying to get some
good photos...hehehe

I also have a 'spiritual blog' at if you have any interest.

There is a 'companion' website to this "Sweden Experience" blog which can be found at

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